Are there any such things as a reliable and legitimate mail list administration service?

A reliable service that can keep your subscribers and distribute unlimited emails is an important factor for full-time internet marketers. The thing that ruined many marketers in the past were their poor management of their email lists. These services damaged their entire list database as well as penalized the host servers for spam complaints. The email list services they used were not CAN-SPAM compliant, and they did damage to the hard-working lists building effort of a lot of online entrepreneurs

So, a top of the line email list management service should be CAN-SPAM certified 100 and also offer the highest email delivery.

What do the top email-management services provide to their customers?

Below are three important needs that should be addressed with any mail management software that you currently use or will use in the near future.

  1. You must have good ISP relations

Your email management system must have a solid partnership with all of the major ISPs as well as email service providers to ensure uninterrupted delivery of emails for all its clients.

A service that regularly communicates frequently with ISPs or ESPs are a safe option for you to take. If there were issues with deliverability on your account If you have issues with deliverability, an ISP manager will direct you with the providers affected for you.

The worst thing you can experience is having one that sends out your messages to 30 percent of your subscribers. A list management system with a solid connection to the ISPs will guarantee that your messages are broadcast to 97 percent of your email list.

  1. Should Include Anti-Spam Solutions

The most reliable services will ensure that your email marketing campaigns are protected by the top technology in anti-spam as well as delivery technology.

A reputable service will include built-in mechanisms to verify whether or not your email message appears as spam. This is a useful option when you send promotions regularly.

Furthermore, good email management solutions will be able to enforce strict anti-spam regulations for its users too. A reputable service should encourage the use of permission-based email marketing only. If it isn’t clearly stated in their terms and conditions be sure to stay clear of their services. An excellent company is keen on maintaining the quality of their mailers sent through their platform in order to be able to penalize spammers. This is essential in order to protect legitimate customers from the poor delivery of their emails.

  1. Need to have an excellent technical support

A good email list management service won’t leave you on the streets. They should be accessible all hours of the day and 7 days a week to provide any kind of assistance when you have technical issues. A reliable service should include a help desk, or a live message board on which you can ask any questions concerning the service you use.