Unlike salary-based jobs, real estate agents and brokers earn commissions based on

the sale price of their clients’ properties. This amount is often divided between the

broker and agent if they are working on behalf of different parties in a transaction.

As a result, the percentage of commission varies widely between agents and is

largely dependent on the local market.


Typically, the more expensive the property is, the higher the commission. However,

there are also exceptions to this rule. For instance, some homes may be so unique

or difficult to sell that the traditional commission rates don’t make sense. In such

cases, the agents involved might agree to lower their commission rates in order to

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While many detractors have predicted the death of the 6% real estate commission, it

has proven stubbornly resilient in recent years. Many disruptors have attempted to

eliminate the fees altogether, but most of them have fallen short of their goals.

However, the fact that these fees are so controversial is a testament to how much

they affect consumers’ purchase and selling decisions.

The typical commission rate in the US is 5% of the sales price. The fee is split

between the listing and buying agent. However, the agent is typically required to

offer equal compensation to a buyer’s broker, which usually brings the total

commission to about 6% of the sales price. In some markets, such as New York City,

the average home seller’s agent commission is a staggering 6% of the sales price.

As the housing market continues to recover, some brokers are beginning to adjust

their commission rates. For example, some brokerages are offering reduced rates for

sellers who are willing to pay more in upfront listing fees to help offset the cost of

the commission. This has been an especially popular strategy in the booming luxury

market, where buyers have been eager to pay more for high-end properties.


In addition, some agents are attempting to reduce their own commission rates by

cutting back on their marketing and advertising costs. They are also negotiating

reduced commissions with their clients, which can be a great way to get the best

possible price for your home.

Considering the wide variations in commission rates across the country, it’s

important to work with a real estate agent who you trust and who is familiar with the

local market. In addition, Hauseit offers NYC flat-fee MLS listings that can save you

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